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Colorado Crystal Corporation was established in 1968 to provide custom-designed precision crystal units for specific customer needs. The company’s production of coldweld sealed enclosures is buttressed by advanced production techniques specially developed by Colorado Crystal Corporation.

Products and Services

Colorado Crystal Corporation manufactures quartz products for a large variety of applications. Quartz crystal resonators are generally available from 1.1 MHz to 200 MHz in a variety of coldweld packages.

Precision crystals for OCXO, MCXO, DCXO

Matched crystals for filter sets

Crystals for TCXO applications

Pressure sensor AT cut crystals

Standard sensor crystals – AT, IT, and SC cuts

Singly rotated crystal cuts – some common orientations include the  AT, AC, and Y cuts

Doubly rotated crystal cuts – some common orientations include the IT and SC along with modified versions and others as required.

Quartz blanks including angle corrected doubly rotated cuts

Non-Plated and Plated blanks

Please inquire about the availability of other products

Certain types of testing electrical or environmental – please inquire

Write or help with quartz specifications

Write or help with certain types of processing

High Frequency Inverted Mesa (IM) Blanks – typical Frequency range from 50 MHz to 300 MHz

– please inquire about other frequencies outside of this range

IM Blanks are manufactured by our sister company – XECO, Inc.

Press ‘Ctrl’ then click on link >    XECO, Inc. – High Frequency Inverted Mesa Blanks

IM blanks can be ordered directly from XECO, Inc. or through Colorado Crystal Corporation